Biography and birth of photographic project

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1. Ana 26/08/2015

Dear anne it is beautiful what you had made with this proyect!it is full of hope and love for all of us whom live with a mental disease! It is wonderfull to know that their eyes are full of bright light!

2. betton-anne (link) 16/05/2015

Dear Chante,
Thank you for your lovely message. I'm working now to find some financial helps as so much people ask me to photograph them from all over the world and especially in US, as the article in Huffington Post has been read a lot. It is difficult to share the project as the pictures are a small part of this project, even if if it what everybody see :). I currently make a break, and I will come back from the holidays in june. Feel free to contact me. Take care, Anne

3. Chante Bennett 28/04/2015

Hello Anne,

I already emailed you but i wanted to leave a comment and let you know how much your site has moved me. I have been suffering and trying to find a peaceful solution to my disorder without medication. I am a photographer by hobby here in America and would love to expand your movement here if you were interested. I would love to help spread the knowledge of mental illness and the love associated with it. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks Anne!

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